Research and Analysis

The following report is typical of S2 Intelligence research into emerging technologies and business innovation strategy.

Engaging trading partners in e-business
A nine month study of 54 Australian organisations in 12 B2B systems in construction, telecommunications, manufacturing, agriculture, business services, insurance and financial services. Provides a deep understanding of how trading partners are successfully engaged in supply-chains and collaborative e-business. Translated into actionable strategies for managers. Kindly funded by the Department of Communications, IT and the Arts. Download .pdf (1.6 MB)

Below are a few more examples of research and analysis projects conducted by S2 Intelligence:

Early adopter experiences of unified communications and desktop video    conferencing.
Web 2.0 developments & implications for business
Securing citizen information in the electronic age
ERP software purchasing, a cross industry study
The future of supply chains
Information technology & the future of government
Personal computing trends: implications for corporate strategy
Scenarios and opportunities in online banking
Software as a service: experiences of early business adopters
Email overload: afflictions of the connected worker
The Spatial Web: trends and business opportunities
Key emerging technologies for mobile workers
E-business: the next 10 years
National Government Interoperability Framework: a report on requirements &    considerations for State, Federal and Local governments
High-value IT projects in large enterprises
Mobile phones as public warning systems: an evaluation
Future directions in human/computer interaction
The Semantic Web: trends and implications for business
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems: experiences of early business    adopters
Open source software and IT decision-makers
Service-oriented IT architectures: the Australian experience
Telepresence in business
The future of mobile e-government services
Research insights in B2B e-Business
Information technology & the future of trust
Trends, opportunities and challenges in electronic procurement
The role of service-oriented IT architectures in government
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): take-up and experiences of early adopters
The future of spam
Paths to e-commerce interoperability
Visy Industries: a supply chain case study
Electronically enabling small and mid-sized businesses: an impact assessment of    current government projects
Supplier relationship management in Australia & New Zealand, a cross industry    study
Web-services in Australian enterprises
Engaging insurance brokers in e-business: a case study
Komatsu: a supply chain case study
Acquisition opportunities in e-commerce services.
Supplier enablement: strategies and scenarios
High value government IT projects
Electronic auctions revisited
Selecting standards in e-commerce projects
Berri Limited: a supply chain case study
Critical success factors for onlne intermediaries
Government e-procurement pilots: a review
PC and Operating system migration in large businesses.
Applications testing and monitoring at DEWR: a case study
Linux and Open Office on the desktop: deployments & future intentions
Online payment providers in Australia

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