Welcome to the Future of Business Web pages.

I wrote this material in 2007, to help business people  as they try to innovate in their organisations.  The focus is on the changes that digital technologies might bring to industry, organisations and work.  It consists largely of predictions of possible and probable outcomes, which I have found to be a powerful way to crystallise thinking and understanding during planning activities. 

It was published to S2 Intelligence customers in early 2008 as a report—The Future of Business 2008-2018, How Information Technology will Transform Industry Organisations and Work—and also as a simple database of predictions to support innovation and planning workshops. 

Two supplementary documents were also published in 2008: The S2 Innovation Review 1H08 and S2 Innovation Review 2H08.  Both will also be added to these pages shortly.

The material has been made available via these web pages to share its value with as many people as possible.  Business strategists may find much of the material remains relevant in their scenario planning.  Lecturers and students may also find it an interesting resource for considering future applications of technology, or for looking at the divergence between predicted and actual trajectories over time!  Please browse these pages and apply the information freely wherever it is useful to you.  I ask only that you read and respect the very brief conditions of use, and review the introduction carefully beforehand as it provides the context, assumptions (and disclaimers!) underpinning the predictions.  After that, you can either head for the Table of Contents or use the search box to get where you need to go. 

You can find out more about me here.  I greatly value the insights and views of others, and email correspondence can be directed, in the first instance, to the address here.  For assistance with business or government strategy, my KPMG contact details are found there as well.

Thanks for visiting & happy reading!

Bruce McCabe
October 1, 2009